Surgical Orthodontics

Also known as Orthognathic Surgery, surgical orthodontics corrects problems with jaw position. Jaw surgery is performed by an Oral Surgeon and can improve a person’s ability to chew, speak, breath as well as improving facial appearance. Dr. San Martín will discuss with you the possibility of surgery at the initial exam.

Surgical orthodontics is similar to regular orthodontics in that braces are still needed. Braces are used to position the teeth in a location that allows for the greatest improvement with surgery. Sometimes this involves the removal of teeth, but in any situation, braces are worn before and after surgery. After the surgery, braces stabilize the surgery and move the teeth into their final location.

Generally, surgery is not performed until you have completely stopped growing because we need to ensure that the jaws will not continue to move after surgery. Typically this is around 16-17 years old for girls and 18-19 years old for boys, however, we can verify this with x-rays taken in consecutive years.